Tutoring + Editing

If you’re starting a new degree, doing some research, or having trouble getting on top of what your uni assessment is after, keep reading! 

I specialise in providing one-on-one academic support to social science and humanities students (Undergraduate, Honors, and Postgraduate).  

I have 4 years teaching experience within a formalised group setting at Swinburne University. Units covered were Sociology of Young People and Sociology 1A. In addition to this formal setting, I have also provided academic support in a one-on-one context, advising Honors students. I have also provided editing support on Honors theses, journal articles as well as book chapters.

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*Please note, I will not write essays for you. Instead, I offer writing support, tips and practical approaches to getting the most out of your assessments.

Below is a selection of feedback I’ve received from those I’ve worked with.

I asked Michael to look over some key chapters of my manuscript before sending it to the publishers and I am so glad I did! He looked over it so thoroughly and picked up slight errors and missing references that I hadn’t noticed. His feedback more generally, about sentence and paragraph flow, word choices and general structure was incredibly useful. And he was quick! I was on a tight deadline and he came through well before my due date. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an efficient, friendly and honest review of his or her work.